My relationship with Bogner Amplification began a little over 18 years ago. At the time I had just returned home from L.A. I had won out over several other well known guitarists who were all auditioning to be the new guitar player for the rock band Dokken. It was somewhat of a "reunion" of the band, including three of the original members plus me, for the upcoming Dokken Dysfunctional CD. I was soon to be stepping into some pretty big shoes of the one and only George Lynch. While the gig would later come to a halt, as George decided to sign back on, I remained pretty active with recording and playing with artists such as Joe Lynn Turner and believe it or not even had some music sent out to Ozzy Osbourne.

I was desperately searching for the "dream" amp and while I did not have much money at the time I was willing to do whatever was required, sparing no expense, to find the right amp. Having been brought up on a healthy diet of old school Marshall amp set-ups and surviving the early nineties "rack-gear" phase I had tried everything reaching pure exhaustion. I went through many of the other amp makers out there with no avail. The end result was never quite the voice that I envisioned coming out of my guitar. At that time I put a call out to this mysterious place called Bogner Amplification and spoke with, former Bogner guy, Sean Colligan for roughly a half hour about Bogner amps and about getting the opportuniy to get my hands on a Bogner Ecstasy. At the time there was no one in my area selling them. Sean and I spoke a few more times over the next few weeks and with an offer, which I am still eternally grateful, to sign on as a Bogner Artist I had a Bogner Ecstasy sitting in my studio within a month.

I have not looked back since.

As you can see from the picture above I have raised a rather large family. Some have jokingly called me the "Bogner Rescue Society" as many of these were rescued from their demise from pawnshops, craigslist, etc., over the years. The heads and cabinets range from 1998 to 2005 models all with differing features and tube compliments. I use different ones for the road while the others remain in the studio.

At the first opportunity I had to plug into a Bogner Ecstasy I knew that there was no turning back. There is no comparison. They are the best made. These amps and cabs have survived everything from my road travels, to 12 hour-long rehearsals and grueling studio work without a single blip on the radar. To borrow a quote from the late Andres Segovia when he offered up some praise to the extraordinary guitar builder Jose Ramirez....

"Every time I play one it is like running my hands through a chest filled with precious gems."

- Bogner Amplification Website -

To hear the Bogner Ecstasy in action you can check out my CD Shake. The CD features the Bogner Ecstasy exclusively and uses just about every possible setting and configuration that the amp has to offer.






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