Melange - a mixture, a medley, a mix of different colors, spice of spices, a motley assortment of things.


The gathering of spirits. Melange began on a warm spring afternoon in May of 2005 in the little "hippy" town of Takoma Park, Maryland. The performances were featured in a quaint fair-trade store called Sangha. No songs were written. No parts were planned out ahead of time. Just an clean palate open for whatever happened. It was truly an afternoon of improvisational delight.

Sunday, May 22, 2005 was the first gathering of Melange. It was an afternoon of Live-Improv at Sangha in Takoma Park, Maryland. The performances consisted of two full-length sets lasting over an hour each. The clips on the right are excerpts from the first show.

Sunday, July 10, 2005 was the second installment from the Melange project. Once again it was featured at Sangha in Takoma Park, Maryland. The clips on the left are excerpts from the second show. A full-length selection from the encore performance is below.

The musicians from both performances consisted of Harry Walker(Bass), Mattias Rucht(Drums-Percussion), Carlos Garza(Keyboards), Rich O'Meara(Vibes-Percussion), Don Berkemeyer(Wind Instruments-Spoken Words), Mark Frawley(Trumpet) and Kevin Burnes(Guitar).

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