- 2016 -

- A Year of Old and New! -

This year brings about many new surprises with a lot of new and cool music and projects. Along with the recent release of Shake - Deluxe Edition I am adding a remaster of The Shake Trio into the "Shake-ology" catalog. The Trio version is a great "stripped-down" and live rendition of the Shake playlist featuring Keny Ruyter on drum set and Patrick Recob on bass guitar. A new and much awaited Solo CD is in the works for hopeful release of later this year. You should find partner in crime, Keny Ruyter holding down the drum set once again. Moving forward with my recent reunion with old bass player Ned Meloni, prepare for a full onslaught of upcoming metal riffage. I have been invited in on the recording of the upcoming Jack Starr's - Burning Starr new release "Stand Your Ground". I will be jumping in a guest guitarist and lead recording engineer. I have performed a number of live shows with them over the last year and can say that this will undoubtedly be an epic masterpiece.

On the non-musical side of things I have a return trip to Hawaii scheduled for early in the New Year. Besides being reacquainted with my island people, I will be returning to my friend Su'a Sulu'ape Toetu'u Aisea for some more tattoo work. A simply amazing artist and overall good energy to be around. Both he and his wife Vinnette are truly great people. Aisea's tattoo and art work inspired my recent acoustic single release - Aisea's Ha.

More things to come!

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On New Years Eve, many years ago, I would spend the evening at home with my parents and amongst friends. My parents didn't want me to go out so I had all of my friends over. One year we had just moved into a new neighborhood. I didn't know anyone. Being a mere 15 years old and more than willing to tempt fate, I decided it would be an awesome idea if at midnight I rolled my guitar amp onto the front step and in celebration, play the Star Spangled Banner on a volume setting of "11". At the time there was a cop that lived on the corner house, three doors down the street from us. Cop car parked out front in full view. Needless to say that my mind was considering the possibility of jail time for disturbing the peace. Without so much as a second thought, I just went for it. Full volume! Mid-way through my anthem, the porch light at the cops house started blinking "On" and "Off". My senses told me that this might not end so well. Somewhere in the middle of my attempts to resurrect the spirit of Jimi Hendrix on my front step I realized that the cop had exited his house, followed by his two sons, and had come out of their front door and onto their yard. While to far away for me to actually see faces in the night, I was quickly overpowered by the sounds of "Whoo-Hoo" screams at the top of their lungs in complete approval of my midnight civil disturbance. It soon became a yearly tradition. I am still friends with this family to this day. Sometimes you just have to go for it without reservation. Good times! Feeling inspired for 2016. So happy to have music, family and health. What else do you need!

Make this year "One" Louder!

Happy New Years!


- Shake - Deluxe Edition -

Keeping true to the original release, the "Deluxe Edition" of Shake features everything plus two additional tracks that were not included on the original release. The two songs feature Zeljko Zuber playing bass guitar on alternate versions of both "Stride" and "Birdsong". The Alternate Take versions were both recorded during the same recording sessions as the original album release. Both songs offer a very different color and attitude from the originals, as well as have received a fresh new mix and master from Kevin Burnes.

Mix by Frank Marchand

Master by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Charlie Pilzer

Additional Mix and Master by Kevin Burnes

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- Aisea's Ha - Acoustic Single -

An extremely special acoustic offering from guitarist Kevin Burnes. Inspired by the art and tatto work of native Hawaiian Su'a Sulu'ape Toetu'u Aisea. Kevin's unique approach to acoustic music unveils a new texture with none other then a Ukulele as the center voice for this small acoustic adventure. The acoustic guitars are hardly treated as an after thought as they envelope the smaller "Uke" voice with a warmth and gentle strength, keeping a very clear and distinct voice of their own. The combination of the two together is both rich and colorful.

A Magical Piece!

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- A New Acoustic Single -

Little Things - An Acoustic Instrumental Single.

A long awaited acoustic release single! Little Things was composed for an on-line Internet photo gallery, hosted at Lil Galleries, featuring the works of my sister, photographer Kerry Murphy, including the works of Kelli Seeger Kim. The website is spearheaded by the "Grand Poobah" of light and sound, Karen Hutton.

With an effort to capture the essence of the pictures, the music was written with a unique flavor of acoustic sound. The guitars are delicately fingered offering the listener ever-changing textures almost simulating the walk down a row of pictures hanging in an art gallery. The music's connecting tissue is a mystical harmony in the background of what at first seems like the sounds of an accompanying string section. Quite the contrary, the sounds are all guitar! Kevin creates a very unique set of sounds and harmonies that lead us from one color and texture to the next.

A very intimate and unique piece of music!

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- Shake -

Birthplace of the Eclectic-Electric sound! A groundbreaking release from guitarist Kevin Burnes. This guitar instrumental CD has broken new earth with a very new and unique sound and style. With sweeping melodies, terrorizing solos and subtly fingered accompaniments Kevin serves up a wildly varying "Eclectic-Electric" jazz sound that overflows with energy and creativity.

It is truly a gem!

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- A New Old Stock Release! -

This year brings many new projects and one very special one. While finishing the final touches on my recording studio I rediscovered an original Shake recording that the band made during a live "online" internet broadcast. It is a stripped down version with the band in its original trio format. The band plays through the entire original Shake CD "live". It features Patrick Recob on the Bass guitar. It also includes one new and previously unreleased song "Spiritual Popcorn".

It is truly a gem!

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