Kevin Burnes, a solo artist, guitarist and instrumentalist. Since the birth of his "Eclectric-Electric" jazz sound on the groundbreaking release - Shake, Kevin has continued rasing the bar in the guitar instrumental genre. Sweeping melodies, terrorizing solos and subtly fingered accompaniments, Kevin serves up a wildly varying sound and music that overflows with energy and creativity. Kevin is a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He began playing guitar at the age of 5. Deemed a child prodigy, by the age of 10 Kevin had already completed his first professional recordings and performances. With studies in Classical, Jazz and a degree Music Composition, Kevin incorporates a depth and passion in his music that is unlike any in his field. Currently Kevin is a performing musician and has offered private instruction for the past 25 years. Kevin has performed nationally with such artists as Dokken and Joe Lynn Turner and Jack Starr's - Burning Starr. In addition to freelance work, Kevin performs with his band Shake, the Joanne Juskus Band, the all-improv group Melange, Groove Jet and the Double Digit Jazz Band.

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