Oh yes.....Dokken.

In August of 1994 I ran into an old friend at 7-Eleven one night. He had just returned from California. He told me that he had been working for none other then Don Dokken. He said that Don was auditioning for guitar players and that I should send out a demo. I did and not but a few days later I got a call from "Wild" Mick Brown asking me if I would come out to California for an audition. I happily accepted.

I auditioned for what was then going to called "The Gypsy Dogs". A band that Don Dokken was starting with Mick Brown. It was to be all new material and no Dokken songs. After a weekend in Redondo Beach, California at Don Dokken's 710 Studios I was told that I got the gig. I flew home with great anticipation.

I waited here in Maryland for another 6 months until everything was firmed up. I retuned to California in early 1995 only to find that what had initially started as a new project had slowly evolved into a Dokken reunion minus the lead guitar player George Lynch. I was to fill his shoes.

Metal Edge Magazine June 1995

Metal Wire - "Hair-Band" News and Updates Column in Metal Edge

I went out to California with plans to record a CD and embark on a 16 month world tour. I was working with Don Dokken, Mick Brown and Jeff Pilson. All three original members of Dokken along with famous producer Michael Wagener on what would later become the Dokken CD release titled "Dysfunctional". The whole experience was really quite ironic being that Dokken was one of my teenage "Hair-Band" idols.

Eventually there came a turn of events. Sony records offered up a record deal for the Dokken "Reunion". George Lynch began considering his return to the project. I remained in California with an uncertainty of my plight. Don later informed me that George was in again. I returned home grateful for the experience and really quite exhausted.

In the end what would a Dokken reunion have been without George anyway...

Excerpt from Metal WIre article seen above

While being the song and album title of Dokken's 1982 release "Breaking The Chains" it is also a monthly "online" internet column for Dokken "News and Updates". The excerpts below came from the March and April of 1994 issues of the publication.

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