Becoming the Potato Chip

You know....when you finally reach that place that you have always known that you were destined to be. You have done all of the work possible, you have played your heart out, and your mind for that matter and survived all of the those nasty little musical situations and interactions that were required for good for character building. At the end of it all, the summation of all of your collective experiences, is a little round disc with your name on the cover. So you take this little round disc and play it for a while. Kind of keeping it to yourself. At the most maybe you stroll around the park with it while keeping it safe and secure. You dream of all of the doors of possibility that this little round disc can now open for you. ...and then it is time to show it to the rest of the world...germs and all. So here is SHAKE, with their new little round disc. 75 minutes of bliss for the price of a years worth of blood, sweat and tears. Finally all things have come to fruition.

...and then someone utters those all to toxic words..."Hey, where's the singer?". Oh Joy of Joys. How does one respond to this?

There is nothing closer to core of my being then music. It surpasses all need for fame, wealth and recognition and the occasional pizza. In the purest sense it even surpasses language. It is beyond words. Just talking about it lessens the experience. It is kind of like putting a bag of potato chips in the center of the table and inviting a bunch of friends over for a group discussion about the amazing "Chip". We could all sit and speculate about the taste of the Chip. We could argue about the lack of salt or that the over-cooked brown Chips are superior. We could discuss the bag and the material that they use to make it and even the name that is on it. UTZ is reputable aren't they? We could spend countless hours debating on who understands the Chip the best. Maybe even have a Chip Banquet at the end of the year. In the end it is not until you get up out of your chair, open the bag, reach in and crunch down on a Chip do you go beyond your understanding and experience the Chip. The rest is simply just Dry-Cognition. All thoughts of Good chip vs. bad chip, all rules of duality come to an end. There is no better or worse. No over-cooked or under-cooked. No group meeting. There is only.....Chip. Become the Chip.

This is what music is to me. It transends all things we can speak about. That is why it is called "Music". Asking me "Where's the singer" is about as meaningful as asking me to "Pass the salt". Find your true self.

And remember.....become the Chip.

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©2016 Kevin Burnes